Anywhere Excess - 4 Sights & My Home Application

With 4 sight licenses with the help of 3G or 4G access, you can do anything at your home or office. My hope application specially design for smart devices, like, Phones, I pads. You can access your whole home or office from smart devices also as per your need. Touch it & Have it


Home automation and home theater go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you spend a lot of time watching television—whether it's cable or satellite, movies or sports, comedy or drama—you'll see a huge impact in the viewing experience once you throw Control4 automation in the mix.


What you want to hear, when you want to hear it. From WiFi to HiFi.
We've got a listening experience that transcends devices, sources, locations and playlists.


Turn off that forgotten light in your closet—from your iPhone. Dim your living room lights to 45%—from the couch. Turn off all lights in the entire house—from bed. Smart lighting is a bright idea.


Automation can help keep your loved ones and valuables safe, whether your home is occupied or "mockupied." Move over dumb doorknobs, we've got smart locks, sensors & cameras …and it doesn't stop there.


Adjust the temperature from your smart phone and arrive to a warm welcome home. Press a button on your remote and become shaded from the peak heat of the day. That's what we call comfortable control. Adjust the temperature from your smart phone and arrive to a warm.

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