Management Team

Management Team

Management Team

Mr. Niraj (PARTNER)

An entrepreneur by heart, Mr. Niraj has footprints in real estate, construction, & automation businesses. His ability to foresee the potential of the industry and convert it to a marketable product and service, that gives highest levels of customer satisfaction, has made him a successful in all his ventures. With his visionary leadership, Silver Ocean has initiated its foot prints in the market and received overwhelming response.

Mr. Bhavik (PARTNER)

A businessman by profession & an artist by heart, Mr. Bhavik has a great taste of design, be it his interior designing projects or architectural endeavors. The fusion of art and technology created by him has led Silver Ocean to the position, today it holds in the market.

Mr. Kaushik (PARTNER)

A man from telecom industry with vast experience in India and abroad, He worked Gujarat as well as African countries for more than 5 years. Silver Ocean is having advantage for having him into team as he is smart & knowledgeable to understand client's requirement. Mr. Kaushik, with focus on Business and project execution, he leads Rajkot's Team.

Mr. Vishal (PARTNER)

With an interest in music, art and technology, Mr. Vishal has wide and vast experience in industrial verticals like financial services, real estate, information technology, entertainment and automation. With a zeal for conceptualization and innovation, he has always come up with solutions that lead to customer delight. His approach for team management and excellent project execution skills has led Silver Ocean towards rapid growth in Surat Market.

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